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Class Descriptions

Boot Camp
Much like the Get Fit Fast Class, Boot Camp gives the body a solid once over. However, it is far more intense as it places some emphasis on your cardiovascular ability. Not only are we strength training in this class, but we also, get you sprinting, doing jumping jacks, burpies and the like. You do not have to be in shape for this class as you are encouraged to work at your own pace. What you do need is your willingness to push yourself hard.

Yoga with Ellen Chisholm
Philosophy: My philosophy is to start simply but with awareness and good intention. Pay attention to what our bodies and minds already know. Observe the body (sacred like the earth), breath (sacred like the air) and our minds and sacred imagination (sacred like spirit).The practice of the Yoga postures teaches us not be overly reactive in stressful situations & the opportunity to access the power within.

Yoga Teacher training: certificate from Downward Dog Yoga Centre, Toronto (Ashtanga) and the Yoga Sanctuary (Hatha). (250 hrs each) As well as Teacher Enrichment Intensives with: David Swenson (40 hrs), Desecharya (40 hrs –as a visiting teacher @ U of Toronto, Hart House) and Shiva Rae (Kripalu Yoga Ctr in Massachusetts. Ellen has also enjoyed participating in teacher upgrading workshops and intensives with David Williams, Eric Shiffman, Richard Freeman and Chuck Miller. Ellen has been teaching Yoga for over 8 years. She has taught at: The Yoga Studio/Yoga Plus, The Yoga Sanctuary, and Corporate (Lunch hour) classes @ Rogers, occasional teacher at The Toronto Star and Bay/Adelaide Club. Currently she teaches lunch hour class’s @ The City of Toronto Social Services

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Hatha Relax
Friday @ 7pm

Take a load off! Unwind in this relaxing class, focusing on breath and body awareness. Release pent up stress from your work week or reward yourself after a work out. It’s a great way to end your week. Balance strength with flexibility. Build body awareness as well as self -knowledge with a slow and gentle Yoga practice. Plenty of time will be given for a long guided relaxation at the end of each class. Honour body, mind and soul by using conscious awareness. Discover the ancient healing power that lies within

Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday @ 11am

Kick your weekend into gear with a fun and energetic Yoga class that flows. Get circulation flowing while releasing muscle tension and building energy. There will be lots of opportunity to explore new postures and review and play with the old ones. Individual attention guaranteed.

Ashtanga Yoga
Sunday @ 11am

Discover the fiery alchemy of the Asthanga Yoga practice represented by the figure of Nararja, Lord of the Dance. Build stamina, strength and flexibility in this powerful series that challenges the body and the mind. Classes will start with the basics. Avoid injury by learning the foundations in a careful and methodical way. You will build a strong foundation with individual attention; taking it one step at a time until it becomes a meditation in motion


Belly Fit
Belly Dance Fit Class is a blend of belly dancing and GET FIT FAST (see below for description). This class is designed mainly to hit the legs, stomach and butt. Anyone interested in doing this class will be required to take 5 belly dance lessons before getting started. This class is for those women who want to belly dance as a form of fitness, rather then learn choreography. This workout will make your legs and bottom as hard as steel and your stomach as flat as a board and the best part is, you will have fun doing it!

Introduction to Belly Dance is for those individuals who are new to this style of dance. We start with basic movements and fundamentals such as posture, hand and arm movements, shimmy, and hip accents, as well as upper body movements. Every class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down. The warm up is followed by the instruction and demonstration of each new move to be taught during that lesson. One on one instruction is provided to each student in order to ensure the proper execution of each move. Students are then led through drills which incorporate each new move so as to reinforce what they have just learned. At the end of every class the students are given a few minutes to practice what they have learned independently. It is necessary that a good foundation be developed and it is recommended that students attend 3-4 introductory classes.

Phase 1 – Beginner is for students who are comfortable with the introductory moves and are ready to begin learning the isolation movements. Focus is upon the abdomen, hips and legs, while learning to travel with the basic movements. Choreography is introduced at this level utilizing the moves that have been taught.

Phase 2 – Beginner
This class is much like Phase 1 as there is continued reinforcement of the isolation movements. In Phase 2 we include more challenging movements which involve layering, (executing more then one move at a time) as well as an introduction to the use of the veil. Some time is spent on learning to identify the different drum beats and rhythms that are played in the music. New choreography is introduced using the movements that are being taught. A greater emphasis is placed on technique through this phase so that individuals intending on moving forward, are able to to so comfortably.

Phase 3 – Intermediate
Continued emphasis on technique and learning how to layer the moves is the goal through this phase. A large portion of class time is spent on drills as the layered movements take a considerable amount of effort. New moves and different styles of belly dance such as Tribal and Taxim are introduced. This phase is one of the longest and one of the most challenging, so students are encouraged to practice on their own at least 30 minutes, 4 times per week.

Phase 4-Intermediate
In phase 4 the moves you have learned up to this point should feel as comfortable to you as walking. Recognition of the rhythms in the music and matching them with the appropriate movements have become second nature at this point. The student is provided with a working knowledge of choreography construction and is guided through the subsequent application in active practice of freestyle belly dance. Through a progressive practice shift, the focus moves to speed, accuracy and technique as the final choreography in this phase is based on a drum solo.

At this point students have been exposed to a variety of styles and techniques and are capable of performing on their own with competance and confidence. In order to enter this phase, the students will be required to write and perform their own choreography. Time is spent on stage presence, make-up application, “how to make a spectacular entrance”, posing, facial expression and costuming. Many who enter this phase have a desire to perform, however, it is not a requirement.

Get Fit Fast (GFF)
GFF is a unique workout which blends several different types of exercise in order to acheive optimal results in the least amount of time. It is based on light weight resistance training, stability ball work, as well as Pilate’s. Although exercises are revisited, you never do the same workout twice. Classes last approximately 50 minutes and the entire body gets a workout.